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"...we are grateful we came across this special place..."

Written by Lisa & Joe K

The listening training program along with the incredibly patient, nurturing and understanding staff at the Listening Centre have helped to transform our daughter's struggles with sensory processing and integration.

At 5 years old, our daughter had frequent tantrums, severe separation anxiety and delayed speech/language prior to the program.  Upon completion of the listening program, her entire nervous system calmed, she was speaking clearer and with more ease and her confidence was greatly enhanced. We believe this program has changed the trajectory of her life and today at the age of 7, she is achieving and accomplishing things we wouldn't have otherwise felt possible (such as thriving in public school and in extracurriculars).

Additionally, each and every staff member at the Listening Centre will assist you and your child with an incredible amount of love, support and compassion. Morana continues to be our voice of consult and intelligence in guiding us through any challenges that we encounter. 

Our family went from feeling overwhelmed and fearful of the future towards more calmness, joy and independence and we are grateful we came across this special place.