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Why Listening Training?

Listening Training is about making listening work. 

Listening lies behind skills such as:

  • auditory processing
  • focus and attention span
  • eye contact
  • reading (decoding and comprehension)
  • spelling
  • speech
  • body posture
  • balance and coordination
  • sense of rhythm

Listening facilitates:

  • social skills
  • achievement at school
  • talking with flow and expression
  • a good singing voice
  • for the acquisition of foreign languages
  • playing a musical instrument
  • dancing
  • sport & physical activities

People who experience improved listening comment on feeling, or their parents report as being, more:

  • "in tune"
  • "calmer"
  • "happier"
  • "in touch"
  • "in sync"
  • "grounded"
  • "together"
  • "present", "in the here and now"
  • "on top of things"
  • "clear minded"
  • "refreshed and energized"
Listening Training is about making listening work.

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