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Program for Adults

Receptive Phase

The first phase works primarily on receptive listening, which is the first stage of communication. While listening, one can spend the time completing puzzles, drawing, painting or keeping busy doing something not too demanding such as leafing through magazines or simply relaxing or even sleeping because it is not necessary to concentrate on the sound stimulation. The Adult Room of the Centre being a place of relaxation and of disconnection with the everyday business, we advise against the use of computers or any kind of handheld devices.

Expressive Phase

During the second phase, the emphasis is on expressive listening, or in other words, on the auditory control of the voice. Clients are invited to hum, sing, speak, repeat words and sentences or read into a microphone while their voice is fed back to their ears once it has been electronically modified.

Monitoring the Program

A Listening Consultant monitors the program, provides guidance and recommends exercises such as daily reading out loud to consolidate the results. Following the program, reviews with the Consultant are planned to insure the permanence of the changes and, if necessary, to recommend reinforcement “boosts” or make suitable suggestions.

In some situations and in discussion with the consultant some parts of the program or the follow up boosts can be done at home under the supervision of the Centre's staff.