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Listening Therapy for our Son

Written by Kara A. Armijo

My son Adam was three years old when we traveled to The Listening Centre. He was diagnosed with PDD, had a history of ear infections, upper respiratory infections, allergies and other health problems. He had very few words, no functional speech, and mostly babbled. He could not filter noises and would completely shut down if there were too many sounds around him...our son expressed himself eloquently in words but not in writing. He is dysgraphic. The frustration he experienced in dealing with the school system was extreme.

I wanted to tell you of the tremendous change that listening therapy has made in Adam. From his first session, he gained behavior regulation and beginnings of speech. From the second session, he began speaking in sentences, asking questions, and for the first time, started responding receptively to commands. Also, his gross motor abilities improved dramatically. He was so happy and had so much self confidence when we left the Centre in November. We have really seen that Adam is a bright, sympathetic, sweet, gentle little boy.

He continues to make gains in language. I am certain that Adam would never have had functional spontaneous speech, and many other skills, without the listening training he received from The Listening Centre. His love of Mozart stays with him to this day and is sometimes the only thing that can put a smile on his face.