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Alex's Story

Written by Alex Bailey

Dear Paul,

I attended the Listening Centre approximately 17 years ago. At that point in time I was just struggling to finish elementary school. After being held back after my first attempt at grade 6 and still showing minimal signs of improvement after that, my parents started pursuing other avenues to assist me with my scholastic challenges. Without going into too much detail I ended up participating at the Listening Center for 3 separate sessions over the course of a year…I think (I was a bit young and confused at the time so forgive my lack of accuracy). Since my experience with your team, I completed High school without any problems, and continued to complete my Industrial Engineering Technologist Diploma through Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON.

The experience at the Listening Centre was very positive, but what has been a greater impact is the long term success it has brought me in my life. I was having great difficulty with my schooling 17 years ago, but that was only a portion of the problem. My personal feeling is that this whole experience improved my ability to communicate more effectively. A bi-product of that was a vast improvement in my social skills which in turn improved my scholastic performance. So what my family set out to do was to “Get better marks at school”, but in reality it improved my overall way of life.

Sorry about the delay…..but thanks.

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William's Story

Our time at The Listening Centre will have a life long impact on our 16 year old son William's ability to speak and hear clearly. We are amazed at how his speech has become more articulate and dynamic and continues to improve!

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