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"And he was able to shine like the star that he is..."

Written by D.M. (Mother of son aged 8 years)

My son has benefitted greatly from our two sessions of Tomatis Listening Therapy at the Listening Centre in Toronto and then with a follow-up LiFT 6 months later at home.  

 Our experience with the Listening Centre was only positive.  Our son has seen a few care professionals, for example speech pathologists, Orton Gillingham tutors and occupational therapists.  Although all of them have been very good, the Listening Centre staff and Paul have become like family. At the Centre, we were always welcomed and cared for.  They treated my son, my family and myself with the utmost care, love, respect and understanding.

 Besides this, Paul spent time teaching me on my son’s challenge of sensory integration dysfunction.  This education helped my husband and me support our son more positively and proactively. Paul and his staff came from a place of only caring for our son without judgments or pre-conceptions.  They understood and loved my son for all who he is, and he was able to shine like the star that he is.

 Since the listening sessions, both his self confidence and his ability to self regulate has improved. Because of the listening therapy, he is doing better at school, socially and also at sports.  He is calmer, happier and more receptive to learning. He now takes risks that he would not have before and enjoys them, like trying to read or write stories or even trying new foods or new athletic endeavors. 

 Paul and all the staff at the Listening Centre always treated us with love, respect and practiced their therapy with integrity and unceasing commitment.  They have created a culture of empathy and compassion that cradled my son and our family and gave us hope.  Thank you to Paul and all at the Listening Centre for helping our son and our family.  You have a made the difference for our son.