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Anthony's Story

Written by Aneta G.

My son, Anthony, was almost four years old when he participated in the listening therapy for the first time.  He had speech delay, fine motor and coordination issues, and serious digestive problems, to name just a few.  He was on the mild autism spectrum and was only able to say very limited phrases and isolated words.  It was nearly impossible to address any of his underlying medical problems because he would not cooperate with any treatment, had sensory issues, and appeared terrified of anything new.   

The results of the listening therapy were almost immediate.  During the first week, he started using new words and phrases.  Then, he became quiet again and about two weeks after the first therapy ended, we began to see gradual and steady improvement in his language and overall cognitive development.  The same thing happened when we returned for another 15-day listening session about two months later.  We began seeing considerable improvement about two weeks after the therapy ended.  My son started using complete sentences, he started asking questions for the first time in his life, and his vocabulary expanded tremendously. 

He became more cooperative with other treatments and more considerate of others.  His teachers have been amazed by the transformation in his language skills.  Almost immediately after returning from the Listening Centre, Anthony "graduated" from speech therapy.  What is even more amazing is that he wants to go back to the Listening Centre more than he wants to go to any other place!  

We see the dramatic results from the listening therapy every day.  I believe that without it, my son would not be where he is today and we thank God for making this all possible.  Out of all the therapies that we have tried so far (and there have been many-traditional and alternative ones), we know that the listening therapy has had the biggest impact on our son's development and was truly worth the time and investment.