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Arturo's Story

Written by Francis & Moises Zaga from Mexico

We have taken our son to the Listening Centre three times in the past 12 months and it has been a marvelous experience. 

When we first arrived there, we had just received our first diagnosis. Our son said only 4 to 5 words and we were truly worried about his progress. After meeting with Paul and the rest of the staff at the Listening Centre we understood how the Tomatis listening therapy works. We started to see improvements after the fifth day.  Our son began to be really attentive to his surroundings and enjoyed looking around and pointing at things that interested him. Following these initial gains we have seen much greater progress.

Thanks to the Listening Centre, our son now has huge confidence in himself, a great ability to organize his ideas and is working on self regulation. He loves sharing his interests and communicating with others. He is able to communicate his likes and needs to anybody and function in a funny and beautiful way.

Although he has not fully developed speech skills, we know everything is there to acquire them and are confident in his ability to grow and learn.

 We have tried the Tomatis Method in other places and believe that, although technically it’s the same process, the love and attention that we feel at the Listening Centre is what makes it the absolute home for us. They have showed us such love and understanding of our son’s needs and skills that I believe he has made wonderful gains because of the way they have interacted with him. 

Thank you all for being great teachers, friends and helping us see and develop all the beautiful qualities within our son.