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Brothers' Story

Written by Mother from Toronto

We have seen tremendous gains in both our children since starting at the Listening Centre in 2017. We embarked on this journey seeking to improve symptoms related to autism and attention. After completing the first intensive we saw immediate improvements: more calm than ever before, decrease in OCD behaviors, significant decrease in meltdowns, significant improvement in receptive language, increase in spontaneous language, improvement in quality and duration of sleep, emergence of imaginative play and desire to interact socially with others. 

My younger son (now 8) has had other autism related treatment which have also been very beneficial however aggression for up to 1 year is a known side effect. During this time, day-to-day life with him became extremely difficult due to the agression. We decided to do a boost at the Listening Centre to see if it would help. By the second day of treatment his aggression decreased significantly. His teacher sent home a note saying he had an awesome day and was wondering what had changed. By the end of the two-week treatment his aggression decreased about 75%. Four months later, school has reported that there is virtually no aggression.

We have done three boost sessions since starting in 2017 and have seen continued gains. This treatment has been tremendously beneficial to our family. All the staff are so genuinely warm, kind and knowledgeable. From the moment we step into the doors, there is a real sense of calm and peace.