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C.A., 7 year old boy

Written by C.A's mother

We brought our son to the Listening Centre after we had tried all we could to manage his volatile emotional outburst at home, his difficulties with sequencing, his inability to listen to the radio in the car or to express himself when there was music in the background. Also, he could not repeat complex words, mixing up all the syllables despite how hard he tried.  We knew he was bright but despite his mother being a health care professional with knowledge in learning disabilities, we couldn’t get past these.  We decided to have him assessed at the Listening Centre.  

Paul Madaule assessed him and was very honest in saying that he couldn’t promise any significant results because his profile was not straight forward but that we could try.  

After three days of the first intensive, we started seeing a change, he was more grounded and less emotional. In the car, on the way back from Toronto he was able to listen to more than 1 hour of music although we had to lower the volume if we needed to talk.  In the few months following the first intensive and then the second one, his listening skills were better. He was able to listen to a multi-step command and remember the steps, he was able to repeat complex words, he started to want to learn to sing and was requesting music. Although he was still having some emotional outburst, they were less frequent and he was able to converse through them.  In that few months, we felt like our son had more than one year of emotional growth in that short period of time.  He was more like a 7 year old boy.  

We could say that this experience gave him a boost. We are very grateful of the kindness, competence and efficiency of the entire staff there for helping our son reach his potential even at 7 years old. He is a bright boy and is now more grounded and able to reach his goals.  Thank you Listening Centre.