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ESL Teacher and Student Testimonials

Listening Training is an auditory stimulation technique that is used for general skill enhancement. When combined with second language learning it can be particularly useful in helping a trainee who has already been studying according to conventional methods, and/or who has acquired a second language through usage in the workplace or other environments. Second language learners who are approaching the top of their learning curve often encounter a “plateau” which they find difficult to move beyond. Listening Training attunes the ear to the high pitch tones, sounds which are particularly prevalent in the English language, thereby offering an invaluable boost to trainees’ listening/speaking skills. Improved auditory processing provides many benefits; with regard to workplace communication, a trainee’s performance is enhanced in practical ways.......ease of verbal communication, clarity of speech... focus on task... presentation skills... reduced anxiety. 

ESL Students Report The following is a sampling of changes reported by adult students of English as a Second Language Trainees during and after the listening training:
• Improved perception of word stress
• Tense/lax vowel sound discrimination
• Greater awareness of sound quality and comprehension of spoken English
• Greater ease of communication with Anglophone speakers, both face to face and on the telephone
• Enhanced ability to control communication fl ow and achieve desired results in the workplace   
• Greater self-confidence
• Better integrated mental processes • Improved sleep patterns
• Heightened physical energy levels  

Olga’s feedback “Besides development of self-confidence and self-expression in foreign language (first step) the program helped to get the sense of well-being, including ability to handle stressful situations, prioritirize different life aspects, take my time to think of a situation before being involved in it. Now I am able to hear myself me a chance to notice incorrect sounds.”