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Ester's Story

This is a progress report from a grateful Mom from South Africa…

“Good news, I do believe that the Listening Therapy helped with Ester’s neurological development. She uses 6 – 7 word sentences more often and her communication is more complex, i.e. trying to put various sentences together to tell a story / communicate. Her ability to walk on a straight line (heel – toe – heel – toe) has also improved – this is such an important building block for development". 

This is a video showing Ester’s progress over the past year:

The first video was taken during her Grade R concert a year ago. She says: “My name is Ester.” The second video was taken during her Grade 1 Eisteddfod competition. She is able to say a poem in front of an audience, competing against children from other schools. The poem is in Afrikaans. She received a score of 85%. “