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Jennifer's Story

Written by Mrs. Porto

Jennifer first came to the Listening Centre, when she was 8 years old. At that time we helped her with language and communication issues. More recently, we have been contacted by her mother because she developed extreme obsessive-compulsive behaviours – not an unusual occurrence in adults with Autism. We decided to give it a try. Here is what Mrs. Porto had to say about a month following Jennifer’s 15-day intensive program...

Dear Mr. Madaule:

Just little note to update you on Jennifer’s progress. As you are aware Jennifer has suffered from severe compulsive and obsessive behaviours. When I came to see you it was my last option other than anti-depressive drugs. Her behaviours were severe to the point that it was extremely difficult to take her anywhere, as she would take other people’s things. Her safety was also at risk, as she would get out of the car to run and pick up a penny on the street without looking!

Although, we did experience much progress at the listening centre when she was younger, we had reached a plateau. Several years later, June of 2004, I came to you in desperation, and was willing to try anything. Although, I had an extremely busy schedule I wanted to try again, any slight improvement would be helpful.

I am extremely delighted and happy to report to you, that Jennifer has had great success.

She is very happy now, responds quickly, and is proactive, looking to help, and do things more independently. Her concentration, self-esteem and social skills have also improved.

With the obsession of collecting other people’s things she is now able to reason herself why she shouldn’t take them. It really seems like a miracle, in 27 years this year was the fist time I was able to enjoy a family outing without being her bodyguard. This was far much more than I had hoped for!

We like go thank you and your wonderful staff for your interest and support over the years. We encourage you to share our story if you think I may be helpful to others.


Silvana Porto