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Jesse's Story

Written by Jesse Hughes

I had been recommended The Listening Centre, while attending Theatre School at Humber College, by a good friend and teacher of mine. The reason was that I was having problems tuning my ear to my voice. I was having trouble listening to my own voice and because of this I would fumble words, have trouble learning lines and I continued my habit of having a monotone voice. When I decided to look into the Listening Centre, staff were wonderful, helpful and friendly and it sounded like it was the place for me. It turned out that I didn’t listen well with my right ear, so I began my intense ear training and went through the course in the summer.

At first I didn’t notice anything, but I trusted what I was doing. When September came for my final year of college, I noticed my deeper focus into the work. Throughout the year I noticed more and more changes. I was understanding more and taking more risks. I had problems with my technical work but that was because I was focused on it so much. I’m at the point now where it is starting to come naturally. Now I feel more confident and I listen to my voice. It feels like a brand new voice, and I can easily use it to my advantage. The skills that I have obtained through The Listening Centre have been given to me for life and I hold the highest thanks. It was fun and fascinating. My parents have noticed differences and so have my teachers. I hope everything goes well with anyone who applies there. For myself I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Sincerely, Jesse Hughes