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John's Story

Written by John Greer Full Professor of Sculpture Pietrasanta, Italy February 2018

The program at the Listening Centre is nothing short of fantastic. I have suffered grief from dyslexia for over 72 years. Within just a few days at the centre, the difference in my listening was remarkable. Within two weeks I could hear an octave higher than I could in my lifetime. I could never keep a rhythm before, due to the fractional delay in processing sounds in my brain, as Paul explained. This has changed now and is enriching my life not only in listening but also in movement. I can move with music. Even my voice sounds clearer and different to me now. I speak more clearly and this has changed my self-esteem. I don’t have to repeat myself when talking to others, as I had to in the past. Initially I became interested in the Listening Centre to help me learn to speak Italian. I had taken beginners courses many times and now I found out that, in fact, my main problem was that my brain could not pick up the high range of sound in the Italian language. I can hear now the language and it has become a lot easier to repeat and remember sounds and words. It makes already a big difference in my life. When I think of all those years of trouble that this so brief a delay in my brain processing of sound has caused me, I can only hope more people find out about Paul Madaule’s centre in Toronto. Finally finding out why I had all kinds of learning difficulties and how to rectify this through listening is a big relief. A lot of pain and anguish caused by the faulty brain- sound processing could have been avoided. I highly recommend without any reservations this program for people of any age and I want to express my deep thanks to Paul and his team for this enriching experience.