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Ken's Story

Written by Ken - Waterloo

Paul and team,

 My program ended about a year ago and since then I have read and comprehended more books than I ever imagined, have much more confidence in my voice and speaking up, less anxious moments (these have not totally disappeared and I doubt they ever will, but have greatly improved), have more patience and can lock in with productive focus throughout the day.  Many other things in my life seem bigger, brighter and better as well! 

 I'm not sure that I can attribute it all to the wonders and works of the LC, but certainly the program has been a big contributor.  As I reflect, when measuring personal changes it's hard for me to determine what is behind changes and personal growth experienced, because I have such an interest in self-transformation that I'm always trying new things and philosophies and also tinkering with diet.  So, my changes could be mainly one of these things or a combination of the different aspects that I experiment with, it's hard to say.  

 BUT, one thing for sure, if not for the LC, I would not be able to hold attention for reading books about self-transformation and diet etc.  Therefore, at the very least, the LC got me up to the plate, but I also have no hesitation postulating that the daily (well, almost daily) humming, chanting and reading practice have made and continue to make gradual yet over time profound changes in combination with the other things. I got the gift from 94 Harbord Street Toronto, but to keep it shining it takes my polishing daily.

 It seems your work with kids is rather immediate and I did experience some of that immediate power but I think for me, and perhaps the experience is the same for other adults, the changes are steady and gradual, sometimes making it difficult to notice they are even happening.  It is on this day, close to a year anniversary, when I look back and give a resounding answer "Yes, it is" to any question whether your program is effective and worthwhile.  

 Although a significant hit to one's bank account, the actual price per session is right in line with other professions and it's the process for bunching all sessions together that leaves a $ sting, but I also get why it is done that way.  Therefore, since it is loosely a year from my completion of your program, I wanted to send this email as a message of gratitude to you and the team and I hope everything is well over there.  

 I expect you joined the rest of the province and shuttered the place for the time being...unless you were deemed essential, which I could understand.  I hope this time of COVID19 isolation and fear passes quickly and that everyone you know is well and safe and if you are on hiatus that you get back to helping folks of all ages real soon!  

 Yes your's is not the place to go, unless you want to get well!!  And, I would never recommend it, I would HIGHLY recommend it!

 All the best Paul and team and take care,


 P.S. I practice with your CD all the time.  if you have other tools available for purchase please let me know.