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Kian's Story

Written by Sabine Kussmann

Here is what Kian's mother shared on Facebook after posting this wonderful photo of Kian during his session at the Listening Centre!

After the last block we noticed improvements  in his speech fluency and clarity. He's now able to speak in simple sentences and strangers are able to understand him (for the most part). We can also have more back and forth exchanges in conversations. He is also becoming more inquisitive about things and asking questions such as "Why?" and "What is that?" and "What does that mean?" We also noticed improvement in his German language skills (I speak German with him at home and my mom, dad and MIL speak German to the boys as well). We also noticed improvements in his printing and reading development at school. At his recent annual developmental assessment we were told that functionally he is at a typical five year old level although he does still have speech and fine motor delays. At the last year's assessment he was a year behind on a typical functional level.