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Kira's Story

Written by Heather Emerson (Kira’s mom)

Our experience with the Listening Centre began before our daughter was formally diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder; Kira was a cheerful, though hyperactive, clumsy, and perpetually distracted, five year old.  After our initial 3 week session, there was a remarkable increase in Kira's calmness.  We also noted improvement in her bilateral coordination as functional movements such as zipping up, and skipping became easier for her to do.  

The facility is clean and inviting.  Staff are trustworthy and demonstrated excellent care towards my daughter, who felt special and loved in their midst.  It is my observation that the clinic exudes compassion and respect upon entering and I take that to be an extension of Paul Madaule's personal values.

My daughter, Kira had worked previously with highly experienced Occupational and Speech Therapists and although our experiences had been positive, results were temporary.  In contrast, working with the Listening Centre has improved Kira's abilities in a foundational and lasting way.  

Kira has just turned 8 years old and has attended a week long "booster" session at the Listening Centre to prepare her for attending grade 3 at our local public school.  The good work that Paul and his team provided us at the Listening Centre will be appreciated well into the rest of Kira's life.