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Meg's Story

Written by Jen Baxter

Hi Morana! 

We cannot believe how well Meg is doing!!!! We’ve never, ever seen her this stable for this long of a period of time. We are pretty much speechless!!! I’ve been wanting to write you or call to tell you all of this and see what you think but things have been a bit chaotic since school began with different schedules and trying to work out a good program for Meg in her new school. Everything has been worked out so far and just last week she started playing some very abstract games with me, i.e. a kind of charades game. I really can’t believe it!! We also have never, ever seen her this happy...not in her ENTIRE life!!! We have been thinking a lot about the changes we have seen in her and trying to figure out what has caused these changes. The only thing we’ve done differently is the listening training and changed her school. We truly believe that her sensory system was more stabilized from the Listening Training and that being in school where she knows everyone and where her sister’s and her cousins have always attended, along with her grandmother working there, has made the difference. We will know by the middle of next week where she is falling cognitively in certain areas in her classroom but I am assuming that she’s made some progress in that area too because she is more able to express what she knows since her sensory system is more stable. All we can say to you is THANK YOU sooooooo much....we have been thanking you in our thoughts almost every day since the beginning of school!!!