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" daughter went from hating to read to loving to read..."

Written by Grateful mother of two

This is an excerpt from a testimonial of mother whose two, very different, children attended the listening training program: daughter who is neurotypical, had mild auditory processing challenges, she did well in school but avoided reading and writing.  At times, she would mis-hear and mis-say certain words that sounded similar.  And, her reading was choppy and slow - she avoided reading and writing at all costs.  We had her do one 15 day session with Paul.  While we were still at the center, her reading exploded.  I couldn't get her to put a book down!  She went from hating to read to loving to read.  Her reading now is much smoother and fluent.  She also is pronouncing words much more clearly and she is writing beautifully.  Her ability to retell a story is much more fluid now as well.  She is getting all A's in areas of language arts and writing that used to be a weakness for her.  She was taking a big jump to middle school where the demands would be greater than elementary school - and she is excelling and is even in accelerated mathematics. She is old enough to recognize the difference in herself and attributes the change to Paul & The Listening Centre.  She has blossomed and is now tremendously successful thanks to receiving this program at just the right time!

Listen to the full audio testimonial, including her son William's experience with listening training.