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"Now I see that my son has many options open to him!"

Written by Jennifer S.

From the e-mail of a mother of a 15 year old boy eight months after he completed 60 hours of listening training at the Centre...


I am so excited to be able to write very positive improvements our son has been making!  I think it’ll be easiest to just list everything I’ve seen: 

More responsible:

  • he’s getting his assignments finished on time,
  • he knows which assignments are due and when,
  • he gets help from his teachers when he needs it,
  • he stays up late if he needs to finish his homework
  • he does what needs to be done even if he doesn’t want to
  • gets his jobs done around the house, often without needing to be asked

More interested in people:

  • he plays with his siblings more
  • he becomes part of our conversations more often
  • trying new things at school 

Better grades at school:

  • he has been getting 100% on many math tests
  • moved up a level on the end of the year testing in math
  • he can see the problems with his English writing, he still struggles but at least now he understands more of what’s wrong with his writing
  • he enjoys reading much more and is actually finishing books

He is such a happy kid and it is amazing to see these changes in him!  Before we came to see you we were very concerned for his future.  Now I see that he has many options open to him.  I really believe he will be able to do whatever he chooses to!  

Tell everyone there hello from us!  You and your staff have without question changed our son’s life!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!