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Sheldon's Story

Written by Lumen and Tom Fernandes

An email from Mr. and Mrs. Fernandes: 

Hi Paul,

We wished to let you know about Sheldon’s recent achievement. All French schools, we are told, participate in the annual dictee at the grade 5/6/7 level. Grade 6 is where the competition is international. Sheldon at his school was the first in his grade 6. The dictee is organized by the Foundation Paul Gerin-Lajoie with two categories-the French category and the French Immersion category. Sheldon represented the French Immersion category since he attends a bilingual school and won the regional finals. As a result, he will be taking part in the Grande Finale internationale of La Dictee P.G.L. This event will take place in Montreal and will gather participants from all over Canada, the United States, Senegal, Mali and Haiti. For one last time, they will compete in an ultimate dictee, which will be taped and broadcasted later on the national network of Radio Canada (CBC French).

Sheldon, no doubt is a bright boy however he did have difficulties with listening which deterred him from achieving his full potential. After several sessions at the Listening Centre we experienced positive changes and are glad to see Sheldon happy and confident about himself. We know that he has benefited from the listening program and would like to thank you and your centre for your help. Sheldon has great potential and we believe that the Listening Centre was a major contributor in providing the support that he needed.

Warm regards,