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Stephanie's Story

Written by Stephanie T.

"Doing the Listening Training Program is one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life. I think this program would benefit the whole of humanity."

As someone with a musical background and an interest in neuroplasticity, I was very curious about the program protocol and potential impacts the program might have and wanted to experience it for myself. I read about the program in Norman Doidge's book The Brain’s Way of Healing, and when I realized the Listening Centre was located practically next door to me, I decided to reach out! I have completed two intensives of listening training and I can't say enough what a fascinating and rewarding experience this has been, and continues to be!

An area where I was not expecting change is in my awareness of myself, the kind of person I really am as opposed to who I thought I should be, or thought other people thought I should be, or thought I wanted to be, etc..! I feel much clearer about my true self, and I relish the qualities that make me who I am, even qualities that previously I felt less thrilled about, or thought I wanted to conceal from other people. I have an increasing sense of clarity around where I should be focusing my time and energy in my life, and this becomes stronger and clearer the more I come to understand and accept myself as I truly am. I think before, my self image was muddied to some extent by my thinking I "should" be a certain way. Now I'm more laser-focused on understanding who and what and how I actually "am" and my choices in life fall out naturally from that growing awareness. I feel more confident about myself, and thus more comfortable sharing who I am with others.

Speaking of others, another area where there was noticeable positive change was in my relationships, and this was confirmed by my husband! I was thinking that improvement in my relations with others would look like increased confidence, and that may have been part of the improvement, but what I didn't expect was that I would become simply kinder. I became less edgy and defensive, less aggressive and more open to people. I feel that I care more about other people than before, and as a result I'm kinder and more patient without having to make an effort or 'fake it'. I think previously I was not comfortable sharing all aspects of myself with others, even people close to me, and this made me feel stress in the relationships.

I have also found my meditation practice improved dramatically, and I am better able to bring a meditative awareness / attention to other areas of my life, when I am doing other things like walking, doing chores, etc. I used to get frustrated very easily over even small setbacks and minor inconveniences. Now I am much more detached and calm in the face of formerly frustrating events. I am more relaxed about delays, blockages, interruptions, sudden changes, etc. I am becoming better at seeing the process as the goal and not worrying about how fast I can get to the 'end result'.

Overall, I feel like my mind works better most of the time, without effort. I can perceive the core of a problem quickly, for example, and quickly and easily think through logical steps towards problem solving or project completion. I am more focused on what I am doing at work and study, and procrastinate less. I've become better at establishing routines and sticking to them, and defining goals and following the steps to achieve them. I find it easier to get started on tasks and projects. Likewise, I find it easier to finish things. Once I've gotten started, completion is almost a foregone conclusion.

I find myself imagining new possibilities in many areas of my life. I've been doing more sketching, and doing it better. Interesting creative ideas come to me spontaneously for stories, art projects, performance concepts, etc. I only wish I had the time to pursue them all!

Doing the Listening Training Program is one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life. I think this program would benefit the whole of humanity. I continue to be amazed at the wide range of positive holistic changes I notice in myself, ranging from subtle to obvious, many completely unlooked-for and / or unanticipated. I suspect there are changes taking place which I am not noticing also. This is a very exciting journey of self-discovery and expansion, that I never anticipated at all! I feel like my brain benefitted from a direct physical intervention, but via a technology that by its nature was incapable of causing damage or negative side effects. What an amazing treatment protocol; I truly wish everyone could / would undertake this kind of program, I think the world would be a better place.