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The Listening Centre and our Special Needs Journey

When my son entered a Special Needs preschool at the age of 2, I started getting to know the fellow moms and about the autism resources in the Toronto community.That's when one of the Moms took out a small piece of paperout of her pocket and on it, were the words "The Listening Centre", which she described as the resource that her own paediatrician would seek out if her own child had autism.

That resource stuck in my head until I finally figured out the logistics and financial resources to pull the trigger on booking an assessment with the Listening Centre in late December 2018 when he was 3.   My son then completed two blocks of listening training in February 2019 and April 2019, and the results have been phenomenal!  Not only has he improved in his speech, by progressing from 1-2 words to 5-7 words, his auditory hypersensitivity has decreased substantially.  In addition, he has recently successfully integrated in our local elementary school for the Junior Kindergarten programme with EA support, which was a dream of mine as a Special Needs Mom... I feel that my son's therapy at the Listening Centre has been critically fundamental in our Special Needs journey....