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"This approach has made an amazing difference in our son’s life"

Written by Sally I. from Toronto

We first came to the Listening Centre in winter of 2015 after many years of trying different approaches to help our son. Our son had issues such as depression, undiagnosed ADHD, trouble with seasonal affective disorder (wintertime depression), and social awkwardness. He was miserable at school and was always in the principal’s office. He could not get through a day at school without melting down.

After the first three-week intensive we noticed changes in him such as a complete lifting of the seasonal depression, much more responsiveness socially, and a tendency to be able to manage frustration better. It felt as if a developmental switch had been turned on. After the second three-week intensive, our son improved again and was able to manage frustration even better.

The effects have been ongoing. Nearly three years later, our son has gotten over much of what had been bothering him. He is much friendlier, focused and concentrated when he needs to be; he is much more capable of dealing with frustration (likely getting close to par with other kids his age); he is recently much more capable of managing his time and getting himself organized, and he has made some friends.

We are so happy we became acquainted with Paul and The Listening Centre. Their approach has made an amazing difference in our son’s life and in our broader family life. I cannot recommend it highly enough.