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Tyler's* Story

Greetings to everyone at the Listening Center! I wanted to share our experiences up to this point, and thank you all for all your help.

Our experience with discovering the Toronto Listening Centre is filled with turning points for our seven year old son, Tyler. The Tomatis Listening Therapy provided immediate help and enlarged our appreciation for the potential that we all hold to effect positive change.

The decision to embark on this journey with an alternative therapy evolved after refusing to accept the diagnosis/predictions form professionals from whom we sought help. At fi ve and one half years old, Tyler’s behaviour varied widely which kept us all somewhat confused. He became more challenging as sensory input increased (sensory input like loud noises, space crowded with people). Yet his language delay seemed to be a singular issue for an otherwise healthy, normal active boy who overtired easily or overwhelmed easily.

Coming from a very traditional medical model, even the discovery of the Listening Training program was highly unlikely. Through a series of coincidences, we learned that our sons difficulty with language were specifically related to an Auditory Processing difficulty. His confusion with speech was related to how he processed sound. Until this discovery, his speech therapy addressed the correction of symptoms of his processing difficulties. Now, with an understanding of why he has difficulty, his therapy is directed to the ‘root’ of his need. The Listening Training program enabled our son to move forward developmentally in a remarkable way.

Our story does not begin or end here. The guidance that we received enables us to approach life from a different perspective. I cannot describe our experience without acknowledging the spiritual journey that brings us to this point. We are deeply grateful to the Toronto Listening Centre. Without their depth of understanding of the whole person (and persons!) involved in a Auditory Processing Disorder we would not be sharing our joy today.

 * The names in this story have been changed at the family’s request

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