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William's Story

My experience at The Listening Centre has brought me an incredible new sense of awareness that I was not fully conscious of missing. Through this program, I have become far more aware of the tone, articulation and the pitch of my speech. In the year surrounding my time at The Listening Centre, the articulation of my speech progressed at the faster rate than it had for many years. I am tremendously grateful for the positive difference which The Listening Centre has provided me with.

William Springle

Our time at The Listening Centre will have a life long impact on our 16 year old son William's ability to speak and hear clearly. We learned that his speech was unclear because he wasn't hearing the same sounds we were. Having taken the program and now, continuing his daily practice a year later, we are amazed at how his speech has become more articulate and dynamic and continues to improve!

Anne Springle (William's mom)