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Joyous Health and Favourite Children's Books Blog...

While nutrition is not our specialty at The Listening Centre, we are aware that it has an influence on levels of energy, self-regulation, mood and impulse control as well as focus and attention span of children and adults alike.

We also commonly observe that, with a proper diet, clients with well-balanced dietary habits responds better and more thoroughly to the listening training program. Sometimes, to maximize the chances of good results, we recommend working on their diet before starting the program at the Centre.

We came across a cookbook called Joyous Detox by Joy McCarthy which we think could be beneficial for all of us. In her book, Joy, who is a nutritionist, gives excellent explanations, great culinary areas and lots of recipes, easy to prepare. The information is presented in a friendly manner, the explanations are clear, and the illustrations beautiful. 

As well, in her Joyous Health Blog, Joy, who is a young mother, presents the “12 Children’s Books We Love to Read”, inspired by her daughter Vienna. She also touches on reasons why reading aloud to young children has positive effects on language and language development as well as parent/child bonding. We could not agree more and always recommend it to parents of the little ones.

We hope this blog will start a conversation on the virtues of reading out loud to children and on expanding Joy’s list of favourite children books. What are your family's favourite children's books?

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