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Milijana's Experience at The Listening Centre

There simply are not enough words to describe the goodness of this place. If you, the parent or a potential adult client, wonder ever for one moment "should I do this" - go for it! The unconditional support and amazing outcomes are nothing short of miraculous. 

We went there crippled with fear of ADD and the potential negatives that lifetime with ADD can bring to our young daughter. We went there believing the science behind it, but fearful of what in the world can change with 'just sound'. We went there somewhere, mid-way thinking that we will forever have to be two steps behind our young daughter, catching her if she should fall. But, we went there! 

When you open the door of The Listening Centre, it is like stepping into another world. It is the complete opposite of what you leave behind - it is full of joy, understanding, compassion, unconditional love, and reassurance that 'things will be all right'. It is so hopeful and imaginative, stimulating and kind that it is simply overwhelming. What resonates is that the feeling does not go away when you step back into the world on the other side of that purple door; it follows you and makes you be a better person. 

We are on this journey, returning in fall for another session. I can see changes in my girl, they are just what she needed. People around her see changes. Her twin sees changes. She is more confident. And the changes occurred, just the way Paul said they would - "you know, nothing will happen all at once - one day you will just realize that she has been doing 'this'." How wonderful!!! 

I am confident that we have come upon an amazing treatment and I would not change this experience for the world. The team embraces you with their care and knowledge and you will have a positive outcome! 

I have nothing to gain by writing this, I really do not. I am just a loving parent and so very much appreciative of the great work ethic and compassion I have encountered - above and beyond the desired outcomes.

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