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Paul Madaule's story

Many of you know Paul Madaule, the Director of The Listening Centre. He has been at the helm of The Listening Centre for 39 years, but did you know that he was also a patient of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, the originator of The Listening Centre’s approach to training the ear? Paul is originally from France, and as a child, he suffered from a type of dyslexia that became debilitating over the years, as it affected not only his ability to read and write, but also to coordinate his body and to interact effectively with people. Dr. Tomatis met Paul in France when Paul was in his late teens, and recommended that Paul try the method he had developed, a way to train the ear that affected the brain, which in Paul’s case affected the body in turn and its balance and coordination. After completion of the program, he was able to travel and enjoy life, as well as complete his Bachelor’s degree at the Sorbonne, and to this day, has been an active leader in the listening community and an inspiration to us all.

Please have a look at Paul’s story in his own words here – a fascinating read. His story forms Chapter 1 of his book entitled “When Listening Comes Alive”, which is available for purchase through The Listening Centre. Definitely recommended reading!

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