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Robert's Improvements - A Testimonial

Testimonial written by Robert’s Mother

I want to also share with you Robert’s improvements in his swimming. He has been doing well with all of his swimming competition events since the beginning of the season in September 2017. He has improved his time on every event over the last 3 months. He has a better awareness of his race times and he is able to articulate the details of his race. Recently he has taken an interest in “racing with my team mates” and talks about ways in which he could improve in his next race “through friendly competition with my friends”. For the first time since he started competitive swimming, he is very close to national standard times for his age group. This has been Robert’s goal for the past 6 years since he started swimming.   

Note by Paul Madaule:

Robert started his program at the Centre late August 2017. This increased interest in competing is an indication of a newly developed “sense of others”. This is a very important development in the case of a 15-year-old adolescent with a diagnosis of ASD. Being competitive is a form of communication.

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