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Who Are We?

The Listening Centre is a private clinic established in 1978, using listening training - a combination of modified sound (music and voice) as neurostimulation and counseling - as the primary modes of intervention.

 This approach is based on the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French ear, nose and throat physician who found that receptive and expressive communication, learning ability, social behaviour, self-regulation, activity level, motor function and coordination are all related to the ability to listen. A major distinction is made between hearing and listening. While hearing is the passive, involuntary function of sound perception, listening is active and voluntary. When well developed or well trained, the listening function allows us to focus on the sound information we need, and leave out, or protect ourselves, from those we don’t.

 The neurostimulation has the impact of “starting the ball rolling” in the brain – allowing development that was previously not occurring to begin to take shape. The counselling helps the client and/or their parents to understand and act on the process of change during and following the program. 

 The Listening Training program is non-invasive, drug free and does not involve tutoring or teaching, making it fun for the child and relaxing for the adult. 

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