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Allan's Story

Written by Cheryl O'Connor

From the letter Allan's mother wrote to us about a year and a half after he completed his core Listening Training program:

Just a small message with the enclosures.... I have decided to send a copy of Allan’s report card.... we just received it, and thought you might be interested in a copy ... another little anecdotal success story for your records!

Allan was somewhat disappointed with the fact that he did not have any A’s this term ... even though his Grade Point Average had risen...

Note the difference in the English mark! (from 59 or C- in Nov. last year to 73 or B in January this year)... Very probably the LiFT has had some impact on that!

He is very proud of the fact that he is now taller than both his parents.... it seems strange to look directly at eye level at one’ own child! I better get used to it though...and worse, looking upwards! Chuckle. All the best for Spring... We will be in touch

Cheryl O’Connor

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"This approach has made an amazing difference in our son’s life"

He is much friendlier, focused and concentrated when he needs to be

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