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Our Son Heals

Our son originally displayed characteristics consistent with ADHD. Besides being hyperactive and inattentive, he began having more and more negative experiences, mostly at school, bringing our anger, aggressiveness and impulsivity. These characteristics were being displayed more at home as well. There were daily temper tantrums, aggressiveness towards his sister and us, and basically low frustration tolerance and quick-to-anger behaviour. Needless to say, this situation brought a lot of stress to our family. We did not know where to turn. One thing we were sure about was that we wanted to try whatever we could before going to the medical route. (i.e. a sometimes biased an, subjective assessment and DRUGS).

We made a plan with the help of our naturopathic doctor Avi Sussman and Martin Kravitz*, who acted as our coordinator. We created a support team of complimentary and holistic health professionals including a cranial sacral therapist, a nutritionist, a holistic parenting support professional and a family physician with an open mind. The missing piece, and probably the most important component was The Listening Centre.

We worked diligently with our support group. We did our first 15-day intensive at The Listening Centre. The changes began and we started to see and feel real hope. Our son was finally having positive and encouraging experiences starting at The Listening Centre. During the intensive we could see his struggle. However, the positive changes started coming as well and continued for several weeks after the intensive.

Our son was ready to start school in September. The school was very impressed by all of the work we did throughout the summer. With the help of Martin Kravitz, the school agreed to continue to support our son. After a few initial and minor bumps in the road at school, they agreed our son has come a long way. His behaviour improved immensely since June, so much that they willingly agreed to continue resource support with reviews.

Our son had his second 15-day intensive at The Listening Centre, as highly recommended by Martin Kravitz, just before Christmas. This intensive took care of any remaining behavioural difficulties. He became even more loving and affectionate towards his family. At school any remaining impulsivity, aggressiveness and hyperactivity were gone. Listening improved immensely. He is now spending most of his day in class. The ADHD assessment is no longer being pursued. Our family is happy once again. Our son is like a mature and reasonable little man. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments. He is having positive and encouraging experiences at school and at home which is great for his self-esteem. He was recently honoured on stage in front of the whole school with an "Acts of Kindness Award".

We believe the biggest help for our son was The Listening Centre. We could feel the tremendous progress during and after the intensives at The Listening Centre. All of the professionals we are dealing with have acknowledged that The Listening Centre was a huge component in the healing process.

We are so grateful to The Listening Centre for all that you have done for our son and our family. We will be forever thankful. We hope that other families are lucky enough to connect with you and help their children to heal from any difficulties they may be having.

* Martie Kravitz is a senior educational consultant highly respected in Toronto. He has known the work of The Listening Centre since its beginnings in 1979 and has been its strong supporter.

** The name of the boy in this story has been omitted at the family's request.

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