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Screen-Shot-2017-03-05-at-1.55.28-PM.pngFor over 35 years, we’ve been helping children and adults who are struggling with their social behavior, language or academic performance due to lack of focus, short attention span, or development delays that affect their communication and learning skills. Our approach is based on the understanding that the root cause of these issues is poor listening. 

What is unique about The Listening Centre is the program of modified sound stimulation (music and voice) we use to train and develop listening. 

The Listening Training program is non-invasive, drug free and does not involve tutoring nor teaching, making it fun for the child and relaxing for the adult. 

People who benefit from our program often comes to us with: 

  • Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) 
  • Learning Disability (LD)
  • ADHD  
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 
  • Global Developmental Delay or Sensory Processing Disorder.

Improved listening has a highly positive impact on the achievement and quality of life of the many affected by these issues and others. 

Video: The Child That You Do Have

Watch the Child You Do Have Video.  A full-length documentary of Autism featuring the work of Paul Madaule at The Listening Centre in Toronto.

Produced by Helga-Liz Haberfellner, this documentary was first broadcasted on the Discovery Channel in 1994. 

The Brain's Way of Healing (2016)

The CBC Television Program The Nature of Things presented a documentary film on Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain’s Way of Healing with a segment on our work at The Listening Centre which is only available to watch within Canada at:

View this documentary on the CBC website

Client Testimonials

At school any remaining impulsivity, aggressiveness and hyperactivity were gone. Listening improved immensely. He is now spending most of his day in class. Our son is like a mature and reasonable little man. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments. He is having positive and encouraging experiences at school and at home which is great for his self-esteem. He was recently honoured on stage in front of the whole school with an "Acts of Kindness Award". We believe the biggest help for our son was The Listening Centre. 

Read the Full Testimonial

Meet our Founder and Director, Paul Madaule

Born in France, Paul Madaule studied at the University of Paris-Sorbonne while training with Dr. Alfred Tomatis and graduated in psychology in 1972. After years practicing and teaching the Tomatis Listening Training work in Europe and South Africa, Paul came to Toronto, Canada in 1978 to found The Listening Centre.

Paul was involved in establishing centres in the US and Mexico and he created Listening Fitness with the LiFT®, a portable audio-device and professional training course that provides the listening work to wider audiences.

Paul has written numerous articles on subjects related to the educational and therapeutic value of music, voice and Listening Training with children with developmental and learning problems. He also co-authored About the Tomatis Method. Paul’s book When Listening Comes Alive, first published in 1993, has been translated in ten languages.

The application of the Listening Training program on children with autism is featured in the documentary film The Child That You Do Have (1994). More recently,Norman Doidge MD, has written an engaging portrayal of Paul and a detailed explanation of his work at The Listening Centre in his book The Brain’s way of Healing (2015).

Learn more about Paul Madaule's story