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Welcome to The Listening Centre blog!  Our aim is to keep you up to date on what we are doing, who we help, what we are thinking about and reading, and what we are inspired by.

 We look forward to answering your comments and discuss ideas in a positive environment We encourage you to subscribe and join the conversation!

Six Ways You Can Help Build Your Child's Self-Esteem

At The Listening Centre we see many people who benefit from our treatment in a number of ways. Our aim is always to help them get more out of life than they were getting before. Something that often suffers if a child is behind in school... Read More

Testimonial: Our Son Heals

Here at The Listening Centre, we treat children and adults for ADHD. This family employed a full multi-disciplinary team, including The Listening Centre, to help their son get past his issues. Congratulations to this family on their... Read More

Happy 40th Anniversary to The Listening Centre!

Happy Anniversary to The Listening Centre! This is a guest blog from a grateful parent. Just taking over this space for today. I have known about The Listening Centre for nearly four years, thanks to Dr. Norman Doidge’s “The... Read More

Joyous Health and Favourite Children's Books Blog...

While nutrition is not our specialty at The Listening Centre, we are aware that it has an influence on levels of energy, self-regulation, mood and impulse control as well as focus and attention span of children and adults alike. We... Read More

How Rhythm Builds Focus

Here at The Listening Centre, we've known for a long time about the power of music to heal the brain. It's great to see this shown again in this article. Great... Read More

Things that parents of children with AHD wished every teacher knew

Now that school is back in swing, we suggest this article as a great basis for advocating for your child with ADHD. Not only communicating their needs - also showing off their strengths! Wishing everyone great success this school year from... Read More

Music has impacts on creativity, social interaction and intellect

Music benefits us all, in so many ways. This great article discusses its impact on our creativity, social interaction and intellect. Check it out! https://www.workinentertainmen... Read More

Alex's story

With school starting in a matter of weeks, we think that Alex's story might be inspiring. Read More

Manners Matter!

Learning manners helps your child with ADHD to become more aware of and to focus on the world around them because they are able to realize the impact of their words and actions on others. As well, the structure that manners and etiquette... Read More

The Difference Between Tantrums and Sensory Meltdowns

For some of our friends at The Listening Centre, the difference between a tantrum and a sensory meltdown is crystal clear! For others, the difference might not be as obvious. Here is a great article to help you know the... Read More

Empathetic people appear to process music differently

It looks like empathetic people process music differently than non-empathetic people. In empathetic people, listening to familiar and beloved music appears to be processed as if it were a social interaction with another human being. More... Read More

Internet Gaming - A Diagnosable Disorder or a Bad Habit?

The World Health Organization has made "internet gaming" a diagnosable disorder, but a number of experts would argue this idea. What's your opinion? This New York Times article discusses it: Read More

Build Your Body, Build Your Brain!

Have a look at this great article by John Ratey, MD. Here at The Listening Centre, we like to point out the importance of physical exercise for many different challenges that our clients have - both young and older. Dr Ratey gives some... Read More

Happy Summer! Creating a summer schedule for your child with ADHD

Wishing you a very happy summer! Here at The Listening Centre, we like to try and provide a little extra support for our clients with their varying challenges. Here, we offer an article about creating a summer schedule for your child with... Read More


Thanks to Dr. Shawna Darou for sharing this great footage of her son, whose balance and coordination has improved after his first intensive! Great flossing! Read More

How to make friends with someone who has autism

This is an excellent documentary from CBC Docs. We also like the points on how to make friends with an autistic person listed here. Great advice for anyone reaching out to a family member or a potential friend on the... Read More

Why Music Makes Us Shiver

Here at The Listening Centre, we know music. But what is it exactly that gives a piece of music its character, and what more is taking place within our brains when we process sounds? A cool article on this topic from The Dana... Read More

Without an Ear: A painting and poem inspired by Paul's book, "When Listening Comes Alive"

Here at The Listening Centre, we were amazed when a 12-year-old read Paul Madaule's book, "When Listening Comes Alive", and, inspired, wrote a poem and made this beautiful painting. We really believe she's captured the essence of The... Read More

Listening and the Acquisition of a New Language

Learning a new language requires the ability of the auditory system to attune to the sounds of the new language (phonemes) and new combinations of these phonemes at a rapid pace. There is a window of opportunity for language acquisition in... Read More

Publication in U of T's Undergraduate Psychology Journal

One of our wonderful, dedicated therapists, Melanie Santhikumar, has recently had a paper published in the University of Toronto's Inkblot: The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology, called "Music to my Ears: The Listening Centre in... Read More

Sound stimulation and regulation in children

Here at The Listening Centre, we recognize that listening training has a regulating effect in children. Our director, Paul Madaule, has written on this subject. Here is an overview of how The Listening Centre's approach impacts children... Read More

Check it out! "Sonic Magic" - The Nature of Things

Here at The Listening Centre, we like The Nature of Things with Dr. David Suzuki. This particular episode, "Sonic Magic", shows surprising qualities of sound and, among other uses, how it is becoming increasingly recognized as a tool to... Read More

Ontario's Autism Strategy - submit your questions

Some of The Listening Centre's friends might be interested in Autism Data's request for questions to ask the Ontario government. There is a chance to add your voice to the discussion and keep autism on the agenda in our province. They are... Read More

Testimonial: Our 7-year-old son's listening experience

We were introduced to the Listening Centre after reading Norman Doidge’s wonderful book, The Brain’s Way of Healing. For years we had been seeking help for our son who suffered from a speech delay, daily tantrums, screaming, and... Read More

“Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome”

April is Autism Awareness Month! Here at The Listening Centre, we like a book called “Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome” by Clarabelle van Niekerk and Liezl Venter. Sam is a boy with behaviours common among children with... Read More

The Ear, the Vestibular System & Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month - here is Paul on the ear and the vestibular system, as related to autism: The ear does more than pick up sound information. The inner ear is made of the cochlea, the sense of hearing, and of the... Read More

Autism - the most extreme form of non-listening

When I told Jennie’s mother that, in my opinion, autism is the most extreme form of non-listening, her response was: “but the first thing we did when we detected a problem was to get Jennie’s hearing tested, and it came out perfectly... Read More

"The Child That You Do Have" - Inside Autism

The Child That You Do Have takes us inside autism. It shows us the world through autistic eyes and ears, and takes the viewer through the remarkable therapy, using a combination of auditory stimulation and counseling, which helps them... Read More

It's Auditory Processing Disorder Day!

It's Auditory Processing Disorder Day! Listening and Auditory Processing: The Two Sides of the Same Coin The Ear's Side Listening is the ability to pick up the sound we want and leave out those we don’t want. It is the first... Read More

On Autism Awareness Day, Dr. Norman Doidge's work is more relevant than ever

On Autism Awareness Day, Dr. Norman Doidge's work is more relevant than ever. In his book, "The Brain's Way of Healing", Dr. Doidge examines several non-invasive ways for the brain to unlock its neuroplastic potential and heal itself. Some... Read More

It's Autism Awareness Day!

It's Autism Awareness Day! Here at The Listening Centre, we have worked with hundreds of children with autism over the years and have some insights to share over the next few days. Please have a look at this video, aimed at raising... Read More

Why is Auditory/Listening Training recommended ​before Neurofeedback?

Martha Mack, a psychologist, and her husband George run the Listen and Learn Centre in Melbourne, Australia. The Centre offers an Auditory Training program similar to the Listening Training we offer at The Listening Centre and... Read More

50 Mums/50 Kids/1 Extra Chromosome

In honour of World Down Syndrome Day, we are sharing this wonderful video, 50 Mums/50 Kids/1 Extra Chromosome. Get out the tissues! Read More

It's World Down Syndrome Day!

It's World Down Syndrome Day! Here at The Listening Centre, we help children with Down Syndrome to maximize their potential and give them the tools to make it easier for them do what they like most: to engage and communicate. Here is... Read More

What is Brain Awareness Week?

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is an initiative of the Dana Foundation, a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Every March, BAW unites the efforts of partner organizations worldwide... Read More

Brain Awareness Week: Protect your brain with healthy food choices

Here at The Listening Centre, we are mindful of the fact that, for all ages, diet can play a significant role in the brain's ability to function at an optimal level. This article summarizes some key... Read More

What Actually Happens During Treatment at The Listening Centre?

What Actually Happens During Treatment at The Listening Centre The Listening Centre is going into its 40th year of providing listening training services for clients of all ages, based on the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, who discovered that... Read More

It's Brain Awareness Week!

It's Brain Awareness Week! The Listening Centre was featured in an episode of CBC's The Nature of Things based on the work of Dr. Norman Doidge. Have a look at these remarkable therapies which have been making huge differences in people's... Read More

Natural Connections between Auditory, Vestibular and Visual Systems

This little girl beautifully illustrates the natural connections between the auditory (sound), vestibular (movement) and visual systems. It also shows the connections between music and the expression of emotion.  Read More

Robert's Improvements - A Testimonial

Testimonial written by Robert’s Mother I want to also share with you Robert’s improvements in his swimming. He has been doing well with all of his swimming competition events since the beginning of the season in September... Read More

Tuning the Ear at The Listening Centre

Tuning the Ear at The Listening Centre (based on Madaule, P. [1998] “Tuning the ear of those who can’t learn”) Paul has seen many different children over his 39 years of practice. Many are suffering badly at school. Some... Read More

How we’ve become dependent on our digital devices

Recently in the Globe and Mail Newspaper in Canada there was an interesting conversation with Noman Doidge M.D. and Jim Balsillie discussing “Can we ever kick our smartphone addiction?” This is an important conversation by two leading... Read More

The Alchemy of The Voice

Laur Fugère has been a friend of the Listening Centre for years. She is the ‘voice’ of the Aerobic #1 Exercises CD's that we use in many Listening Training programs for adults and that we distribute at The ListeningCentre. Check out... Read More

Ryan's Story

Ryan’s testimonial touches a very personal chord because his story of problems and recovery parallels my story 50 years later. During these years, I met many, many teenagers like Ryan and my experience helped me to know who they really... Read More

Paul Madaule's story

Many of you know Paul Madaule, the Director of The Listening Centre. He has been at the helm of The Listening Centre for 39 years, but did you know that he was also a patient of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, the originator of The Listening... Read More

Fun Fact: Did you know that listening has a lot to do with energy and motivation?

One of the main functions of the ear is to transmit to the brain the energy received from sounds. The ear acts as a dynamo which feeds the nervous system to maximize its efficiency. Tiredness, headaches at the end of the school day,... Read More

What is Neuroplasticity?

The idea that the brain is “plastic”, or changeable, has been around since the 19th century, but it was well into the second half of the 20th century before it became accepted as fact and proven in functional MRI scans. Until... Read More

Who Are We?

The Listening Centre is a private clinic established in 1978, using listening training - a combination of modified sound (music and voice) as neurostimulation and counseling - as the primary modes of intervention. This approach... Read More

Listening vs. Hearing

There is a major distinction between hearing and listening. While hearing is the passive, involuntary function of sound perception, listening is active and voluntary. When well developed or well trained, the listening function allows us to... Read More