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Second Language Acquisition

This application is based on Tomatis’ discovery that all ethno-linguistic groups have their own auditory spectrum which is limited to the specific sounds (phonemes) of their own language.  Learning a new language implies an ‘opening of the ear’ to the sound range of the new language to process the phonemes faster and with more ease.  The high drop-off rate in most language schools is a clear indication that this ‘ear opening’ is difficult to obtain for adults. More dramatic is the fact that the number one obstacle for immigrants to find a job a new country is their difficulty and often, inability, to learn the new language. This is consistent with the well known fact that people rarely lose their accent when they learn a new after the age of 10 to 12

A listening training serves to “acclimatize” your ear to the language you wish to learn, whether it is to better comprehend or to speak with more ease and flow. 

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