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"The Child That You Do Have" - Inside Autism

The Child That You Do Have takes us inside autism. It shows us the world through autistic eyes and ears, and takes the viewer through the remarkable therapy, using a combination of auditory stimulation and counseling, which helps them reintegrate into society.

Autistics live in a different world. Their senses are so hyper-sensitive that they can hear tiny, distant aircrafts over the noise of a loud party.

Their memories are so acute that they can remember entire conversations and the details of what everyone wore - two years ago! With all these gifts, however, a normal life is comprised.

Paul Madaule, the director of The Listening Centre, spent his childhood and early youth severely dyslexic. Perhaps that’s why he is able to reach into the minds not only of dyslexic and learning disabled people, but also of the autistic.

Produced and Directed by Helga-Liz Haberfellner for the Discovery Channel, 1995 - YouTube links



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