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Testimonials & Studies

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Concussions & Traumatic Brain Injuries

David's Story

I have spent the two years after my stroke in vestibular, occupational, and vision therapy. The issues with my vision have been, and continue to be particularly difficult to overcome.

Shortly after returning from the Listening Centre I repeated the reading test at vision therapy. The result shocked the doctors and made me ecstatically happy — I had jumped from the mechanics of a 4th grader to the mechanics of a 10th grade reader!..

-David F.

Janet's Story

By far what stands out most is physical changes.  I've probably not outlined ALL of the chronological regression that's taken place since my car accident in '78 and subsequent surgery in the mid-80's, but I'll try to give a brief overview, so that you may better appreciate the significance of these physical changes that I'm now experiencing.


Jane's Story

“this was a leap, shattering what seemed like a concrete wall. I am mainly back from the exile of a separate room at family events. My young nieces and nephews and I are becoming reacquainted. I can participate in more things directly rather than vicariously”. 

Excerpt from the Newsletter of the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley (BIAOV), March 2016, pp 8-9.

-Jane Clark

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