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Testimonials & Studies

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Ghosts of Childhood

John's Story

I have suffered grief from dyslexia for over 72 years. Within just a few days at the centre, the difference in my listening was remarkable. It has changed now and is enriching my life not only in listening but also in movement. Even my voice sounds clearer and different to me now. I speak more clearly and this has changed my self-esteem.

-John Greer Full Professor of Sculpture Pietrasanta, Italy February 2018

Robin's Story

1984 was a pivotal year for me.

I was a 34 year old dyslexic, working in the Hospitality business. Then I went to the Listening Centre and my life changed. It was magic for me, and I was enabled to have dreams. Painting then became a reality and I’ve been an Artist ever since.

 Robin’s paintings can be seen in the pages of the Listening Centre website and bring joy and colour to the rooms of The Listening Centre.

 Robin has a home studio in St. Thomas, Ontario. You can also follow him through his blog at http://robingrindley.blogspot 

-Robin Grindley

Dyslexia, Opening the Door

Someone would have to tell me at least three times before I “got it.” But even then, I would forget. It was like statements would not stick, like I had difficulty learning or comprehending. At school it took me a long time to formulate my thoughts into a composition assignment. Sometimes my thoughts were fuzzy, unclear, almost like they weren’t there. It was difficult to concentrate…

...I began enjoying reading, and listening for words from others. For the first time, I enjoyed listening to myself speak.  I was beginning to feel that I was growing up, no longer the needy lost ‘child’ at forty; but rather, an emerging adult who had confidence, competence, and desire to lead his own life.

-Steven Woodruff

A Personal Story: Listening to Heal

I have Auditory Processing Disorder…although my hearing is perfect, I have intermittent problems with perceiving and decoding when people are saying. I have left many classrooms without the memory of the whole lecture. Every time I was clled out for not understanding instructions, every time my boss rolled his eyes and said the same thing again, only louder…I made it mean that I was stupid and one day the world will figure out and when they did, I would lose my job in the media and end up cleaning toilets…

Since the listening program I have more sustained attention…increased comprehension when reading aloud…my writing skills are even better…

-Julie Daniluk

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