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Testimonials & Studies

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Second Language Acquisition

Sheldon's Story

Imagine a dictation in English which would invite the best students from the Commonwealth countries to a hugely popular TV Program. Such an event exists in the francophone countries. It is called “Dictèe PGL” and Sheldon Fernandes has been selected to be a part of it! Bravo Sheldon!

-Lumen and Tom Fernandes

Phyllis' Story

I am 70 years old, a native English speaker and have been studying Italian for 8 years. After 8 years of study with several teachers, I was able to read and write Italian fairly well but hearing accurately and responding verbally to others speaking to me seemed an impossible task for me...

-Phyllis Shepard-Spiro

ESL Teacher and Student Testimonials

“Besides development of self-confidence and self-expression in foreign language (first step) the program helped me to get the sense of well-being, including ability to handle stressful situations, prioritize different life aspects, take my time to think of a situation before being involved in it…

Now I am able to hear myself me a chance to notice incorrect sounds.”

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