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Sensory Processing, Communication and Socialization

We have seen tremendous gains in both our children since starting at the Listening Centre...more calm than ever before, decrease in OCD behaviors, significant decrease in meltdowns, significant improvement in receptive language, increase in spontaneous language, improvement in quality and duration of sleep, emergence of imaginative play and desire to interact socially with others. 

-Mother from Toronto

William's Story was challenging and you probably wouldn't really call it "living". When I hear the song from Frozen, I could really relate to the line:  "A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I'm the queen".   Socializing and being part of a community are hard when  you have a child with a social/communication/behavior disorder.

William was 9 years old when we started the program at The Listening Centre. We did two 15 day sessions.  We saw results immediately and we continue to see growth. Clinically speaking: self-regulation has improved, sensory issues subsided, language/communication improved, social/emotional growth has expanded, motor planning and independence has improved, and he is making progress in his academics. 

-Grateful mother

Elliott's Story

...we are convinced that our experience with The Listening Centre is helping Elliott manage his emotions, listen to auditory information, and engage in the world around him. He is a much happier, less anxious child, and is beginning to engage more readily with people and events around him.

- Gaetan and Anita Hammond (Elliott’s parents)

The results have been phenomenal!..Not only has he improved in his speech (...), his auditory hypersensitivity has decreased substantially.  In addition, he has recently successfully integrated in our local elementary school for the Junior Kindergarten programme with EA support, which was a dream of mine...

Even before the end of the treatment we started noticing improvement on his communication, also his RDI therapist who has worked with him for many years remarked an improvement in his engagement and agency... 

-Jose Mendez

Matthew's Story

Matthew, was diagnosed with severe autism when he was just over two years of age.  He had always been under stimulated in terms of movement and there were many difficulties in conversation and social situations.

Since the program we observed tremendous growth and change n Matthew. The biggest change, was a huge increase in the development of his vestibular system. Matthew is climbing, jumping, running and so much more comfortable in his own space... Matthew is growing in leaps and bounds in social situations...Wow! The quality of engagement has really shifted...there is huge growth in speech as well....

-- Paula and Al Cowling, Matthew’s parents

I brought my sons to the Listening Centre for their quite different developmental challenges. My younger son, aged 3, had just been diagnosed with ASD and had a severe speech delay.  My older son aged 6, with ADD and Auditory Processing Disorder. Their treatment was tailored to each of their needs and their responses were markedly different. I believe, without a doubt, that Paul and the dedicated staff at the Listening Centre have changed my children’s life trajectory for the better.


"And he was able to shine like the star that he is..."

Since the listening sessions, my son's self confidence and his ability to self regulate has improved. Because of the listening therapy, he is doing better at school, socially and also at sports.  He is calmer, happier and more receptive to learning. He now takes risks that he would not have before and enjoys them...

-D.M. (Mother of son aged 8 years)

Our 7 year old son's listening experience

For years we had been seeking help for our son who suffered from a speech delay, daily tantrums, screaming, and anxiety in social situations. The Listening Training offered a non-invasive, drug free attempt at regulating the sensory and auditory processing difficulties he had been diagnosed with at that time.

-J.O. Mother of son, 7.

Vincent's Story

After a series of vaccinations we observed Vincent’s eye contact stopped. He shut down. He stopped engaging with us and retreated into a world of his own..all arrows, we were told, pointed to autism...

Slowly he was stepping back into our world after a long dry plateau of nothing happening. The light that had gone ‘off’ was coming back on. The Listening Centre’s program had definitely sparked positive changes. Since starting at the Listening Centre Vincent is more curious, has a faster reaction time and is following things a lot better. Food and sound sensitivities have decreased. Eye tracking, coordination and fine motor skills are better. Now he wants to share in things he enjoys. He brings us blocks so we can play with him. All of these stages of improvement have meant big changes for our family. Everything works more smoothly now and we have a lot more fun together.   

-Angela (Vincent’s mom) from Toronto

Sara's Story

When our daughter Sara was two and a half, she was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Bringing Sara to the Listening Centre has definitely had a positive impact in her life. It was like an explosion of language. Now our conversations are more reciprocal, she is more aware of her surroundings, shows more consistent eye contact and is more calm and happier.

-Andres and Magdalin (Sara’s parents)

Noah's Story

Our son Noah was diagnosed with Autism at a very young age and was exposed to various therapies to limited success. Noah has made great progress since his rounds of Listening Therapy. Noah has better self regulation and a longer attention span and is much more aware..

-Audra (Noah's mother)

Anthony's Story

My son, Anthony, was almost four years old when he participated in the listening therapy for the first time.  He had speech delay, fine motor and coordination issues, and serious digestive problems, to name just a few.  He was on the mild autism spectrum and was only able to say very limited phrases and isolated words.

...about two weeks after the first therapy ended, we began to see gradual and steady improvement in his language and overall cognitive development...after returning from the Listening Centre, Anthony "graduated" from speech therapy...he became more cooperative with other treatments and more considerate of others. 

-Aneta G.

Kenny's Story

We learned that Kenny's challenges stemmed from a Sensory Processing Disorder. 

Listening sessions always brought about changes in him, some were immediate and some took time. From watching his confidence blossom with reading and writing to seeing improvement in his hand-eye coordination. His teachers noted an overall difference in his demeanor and his attention. What struck us the most was watching him engage differently with his younger brother. A sense of humour appeared that we had not seen before. His grandparents and his aunts and uncles have seen the improvements and all attribute his gains to the Listening Centre.

-Michelle- Kenny's mom

Arturo's Story

After the fifth day of the program our son began to be really attentive to his surroundings and enjoyed looking around and pointing at things that interested him. Following these initial gains we have seen much greater progress...

-Francis & Moises Zaga from Mexico

Sukie and Sarah's Story (mother and daughter story)

I noticed certain behaviours in my daughter that led me to believe that she had sensory integration challenges. Sukie could go from high levels of control to none what-so- ever.  Recognizing this behaviour wasn’t so difficult as I, myself, had similar behaviour patterns. By the end of our treatment program… [m]y relationship with my daughter has improved as did her ability to regulate herself…

-Sarah Walton

Julian's Story

My autistic son is twenty-one. When he was diagnosed at age four, seventeen years ago, there was little in the way of ‘therapies’ or services for autistic children. He was placed in a class for the ‘trainable retarded’, and went to summer day camps run by Community Living, and that was about it! It was not until he was fourteen that I learned about The Listening Centre in Toronto...

-Thelma Orchard

Peter's Story

Peter was a very big baby, and because of that we were not worried by his being at the slow end of normal in his physical development. We were concerned enough to have him tested at the age of two because of his delay in language development. At seven months he could use words, and pronounce them perfectly, but he’d use them only once and never return to them. Throughout his second year, he learned all the words from songs. That was the only language he used. The testing showed that he had developmental problems with “autistic-like features…

Tony's Story

Our son’s name is Tony. He is nine years old. His story will no doubt ring familiar with many….As a four month old, he suffered what was to be first of many ear infections….After many more assessments with various professionals, we were still no closer to finding help for our son. It seemed noone felt that there was anything that could be done for him. We were told he was autistic, ADHD, PDD, brain damaged, mentally retarded, but the one that hurt the most, “he should be institutionalized.”

Adam's Story

He was three years old when we travelled to The Listening Centre. He was diagnosed with PDD, had a history of ear infections, upper resiratory infections, allergies and other health problems. He had very few words, no functional speech, and mostly babbled. He could not filter noises and would completely shut down if there were too many sounds around him…

-Kara A. Armijo

John's Story

Some families keep in touch with us long after their children’s program at the Centre. This gives us long-term view of the child. Following letter is an encouraging example. John came to the Listening Centre when he was 5 years old. 

-Joan V. - John's mother

Kira's Story

Kira could be responsive, expressive, thoughtful, articulate, creative, empathetic, engaged… but only when the moment was right. Too much stimulation – and the evaluating environments were always very cluttered and stimulating – and she couldn’t stay organized long enough to show what she could do. I knew she had tons of potential, but had no idea of how to unlock it…She had just turned 4 when we contacted the Listening Centre.

Jeff's Story

....Jeff is a tall, handsome 9 year old boy with straight brown hair and a confident manner. Until he speaks, you would not expect anything out of the ordinary...Jeff, as far as I can remember, has always been quite different. As a baby, he seemed to be able to amuse himself for hours on end...Play and language didn’t develop...talking playing, interacting, or interest in other children were not developed at all......... 

Jennifer's Story

…As you are aware Jennifer has suffered from severe compulsive and obsessive behaviours…I am extremely delighted and happy to report to you, that Jennifer has had great success…

-Mrs. Porto

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