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Testimonials & Studies

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Well Being and Quality of Life

Stephanie's Story

Overall, I feel like my mind works better most of the time, without effort. (...) I continue to be amazed at the wide range of positive holistic changes I notice in myself, ranging from subtle to obvious (...) I feel much clearer about my true self(...) My meditation practice improved dramatically (...) Interesting creative ideas come to me spontaneously.

-Stephanie T.

Ken's Story

My program ended about a year ago and since then I have read and comprehended more books than I ever imagined, have much more confidence in my voice and speaking up, less anxious moments, have more patience and can lock in with productive focus throughout the day.  Many other things in my life seem bigger, brighter and better as well! 

-Ken - Waterloo

Thoughts on My Listening Centre Experience

Having trained in, and taught various styles of Yoga, Pilates, and mediation, I am always curious to explore the mind-body connection and new modalities for human wellbeing and growth.

While yoga, meditation and chanting all provide various beneficial forms of calmness, focus, relaxation, or even invigoration, the sensations I have experienced at The Listening Centre together have at times been entirely unique...


Natalie's Story

Things are developing in a wonderful way with my health. Everything continues to become easier and more enjoyable...I am starting to feel more energized by talking with people. My world becomes more clear, energizing and well ordered as time passes...


Who Will Listen?

…When I walk into the pleasant, colourful ambiance of The Listening Centre these days I feel at home. My body begins to relax and I notice other people’s positive regard of me. It wasn’t always this way. In March, 1996, when I first walked through these doors I was isolated and desperate, not sure that anyone or anything would be able to help me…

My Eustachian tubes were swollen and plugged making the world far away place. I was used to not hearing through my left ear – a birth defect had prevented normal development – but I couldn’t hear from my right ear either. It felt like a giant bubble of cotton batting….

-Kristy MaGraw

A Teacher Learns

If I had to say what I gained from the listening training, it would be that I feel an increased sense of freedom, balance, aliveness, energy and trust in my life. Life is less frightening. My eyes and ears have opened to the beauty and support that has always been there. I can better acknowledge it and take it in. My life feels more peaceful and I feel a part of the great mystery that is unfolding. The program helped me to see myself as an intelligent and capable person. I am more willing to take risks that in the past would have been devastating and debilitating to me.

-Mary-Ann Moser

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