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Auditory Processing, Attention Span & Focus

Nathan's Story

My son is now able to better control his behaviour, act on social cues, and participate in class and social discussions and events. I recommend listening therapy to all children and adults that experience challenges in focus and concentration.  

-Margaret Y. (mother)

Our son had issues such as depression, undiagnosed ADHD, trouble with seasonal affective disorder (wintertime depression), and social awkwardness.

-Sally I. from Toronto

Sierra's Story

Sierra was a bright 8 years old kid  who had a hard time getting focused and staying with activities especially related to learning and language. Since Sierra completed the Listening Centre’s program she exhibits much better self regulation on many levels...She is more mature and self aware. Sleeping patterns have also improved. She is able to focus and for longer. She is also more aware of when she can’t focus and is developing strategies to deal with this.

-Suzanne G. (Sierra’s mom)

Thomas' Story

Our journey began when Thomas started school. Through research and seeing doctors we learned that Thomas has autism and ADHD. 

...with each group of listening sessions he becomes more organized, more self aware, calm, and flexible.  Additionally, his ability to reason has improved significantly and he is much more able to regulate himself. His maturity level is coming and the gap is closing. Thomas is able to explain his feelings and emotions and plan things in his head before he does them. His executive functioning is so much better and to top it all off – Thomas LOVES listening!

-Patricia Cunningham (Thomas' mom)

Our Son Heals

Our son originally displayed characteristics consistent with ADHD. Besides being hyperactive and inattentive he began having more and more negative experiences, mostly at school (…) at home as well. There were daily temper tantrums, aggressiveness (…), basically low frustration tolerance and quick-to-anger behaviour. Needless to say, this situation brought a lot of stress to our family. We did not know where to turn.

We created a support team of complimentary and holistic health professionals…We worked diligently with our support group. All of the professionals we are dealing with have acknowledged that The Listening Centre was a huge component in the healing process.

Tyler's Story

Our experience with discovering the Toronto Listening Centre is filled with turning points for our seven year old son….at five and one half years old, “Tyler’s” behaviour varied widely which kept us all somewhat confused. He became more challenging as sensory input increased….yet his language delay seemed to be a singular issue for an otherwise healthy, normal active boy who overtired easily or overwhelmed easily….Listening Training program enabled our son to move forward developmentally in a remarkable way….”Tyler’s” difficulty with language were specifically related to an Auditory Processing difficulty.

Allan's Story

Allan was 12 years old when he first came to The Listening Centre. He was enrolled in a school for students with learning disabilities. Allan had a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD
 (a “hypo” form of ADHD) as well as a processing disability. His self-esteem was extremely low and he was below grade level in most subjects. At that time his mother wrote that “Allan’s academic, personal, and social abilities seem to diminish as the year progresses as if he has given up on himself”. He did two intensive sessions of listening training in the summer and has continued his voice exercises with the Listening Trainer since then...

-Cheryl O'Connor

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